Policies and Procedures

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40 per child is due at the time of registration, (this fee may be waivered under certain circumstances). The first week's tuition deposit (to be used the week enrolled) is also due with the registration fee. These fees must be paid and required documentation turned into the office prior to your child's starting date.

Documentation Required For Your Child's Records
1. A completed registration packet.
2. An immunization record, complete with the Doctor's name.
3. A Well Child Form from your Doctor.
4. Authorization for pick-up/emergency cards.
5. A copy of any court orders regarding child custody/visitation issues.

• Registration fee of $40 per child will be due upon enrollment.
• If there will be a third party payment, as from an employer, county or government will be responsible for keeping current with paper work for qualification. Any co- payment, if applicable, will be paid weekly. Failure to stay current with qualification paperwork will result in payment responsibility from the parents, in its entirety. Until F.G.F.D.C is notified of fee reimbursement.
• If an emergency situation occurs after the children have arrived (loss of electric, water, heat), the parents will be contacted immediately so that alternative childcare arrangements can be made.
• If at all possible the center will be open on snow days. Please contact the Daycare Provider if weather is questionable. Parents are asked to use good judgment in transporting children in severe weather.

Please contact FGFD to set up an appointment to view the daycare, prices will be given to you during your appointment.

F.G.F.D.C is open year round, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. We will be closed on the following holidays:
• Memorial Day
• Fourth of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Eve day and Christmas Day
• New Year's Day
If the holiday falls on a Weekend, the Friday before or Monday after F.G.F.D.C MAY be closed.

F.G.F.D.C do not provide to and from school transportation. Transportation will be arranged for field trips. Parents will be verbally informed prior to field trips. Parental permission is required before children can go on field trips. Parents may be required to join a field trip event. Kids may go on walks and/or parks around the neighborhood when weather permits.

Birthdays may be celebrated at FGFD daycare center. Please contact the Daycare Provider. The daycare can provide a list of birthday ideas regarding food, photographer and more. For health regulations, it is required that all food be store bought or made at the daycare. Food may not be prepared at home.